End to End Logistics Solution for Last Mile Delivery

End to End Logistics Solution for Last Mile Delivery

A dispatch management platform for your last mile delivery excellence


Routes planning and real time tracking of orders and field staff are the core areas which all of the logistics companies are concerned about. If you fail in efficient route planning then it is going to increase your overall operational cost.
If you fail to track orders and whether it is getting delivered in a timely manner, it is going to impact your logistic business as you will face issues in retaining your customers.
Our client had tried with a couple of solutions from some big tech player however they could not receive a robust and scalable solution to meet their need.
Major challenges faced by our client were
  • The solutions provider was not able to do required customization in the application to meeting specific needs of our client
  • It was expansive


We developed a customised solution for our client to meet their B2B needs. We used open source solutions for route planning where accuracy was more than 90%
The platform was developed with micro service based architecture and deployed on AWS serverless computing service with database over RDS.
We developed mobile apps for field agents with a simpler UI/UX so that they can easily operate and process orders with minimum transaction time.
Our solution includes real time tracking, distance calculation, roster planning and many KPIs to help the operation team.


With our customised solution, it became easy for our client to onboard new B2B customers.
Better tracking of packets and field staff reduced the delivery delay percentage of the business.