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We provide insight driven and innovation led healthcare technology solutions to the ever evolving healthcare industry.

We help in the implementation of innovative digital health strategies by implementing cloud and AI based customized solutions for you.

Electronic Health Record Platform Development

We develop custom web and mobile app solutions that streamline your clinical workflow, enhance interoperability and improve overall patient engagement.

Major component of the EHR platform we cover

  • Scheduling
  • Medical charting
  • Billing
  • Lab Integration
  • E prescription
  • HIPAA compliant solution

Telehealth & Telemedicine Platform

We build custom cloud based telehealth applications to deliver remote health services and education.
  • Mobile apps for patients and consultants with live video consulting feature
  • Cloud based telemedicine platform for hospital and other healthcare organization
  • HIPAA compliant Platform
  • HL7

Mobile Phlebotomy and Home Sample Collection Platform

We offer SaaS based products to diagnostic labs which help in scaling their home sample collection process. Our mobile phlebotomy and sample collection software helps in 100% traceability in home sample collection as well as transportation for clinical pathology.
  • Online booking for home sample collection
  • Phlebotomist app
  • Runner app
  • CRM and Order Management Platform
  • LIMS integration