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Phlebotomy App and Sample Collection Software for Clinical Pathology

We offer SaaS based products to clinical pathology labs which help in scaling their home sample collection process and logistics operation. Our mobile phlebotomy and sample collection software helps in 100% traceability in home sample collection as well as transportation for clinical pathology.
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PathoConnect - All in one solution

Pathoconnect can be a valuable tool for phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals who need to collect blood and other samples. It can help them to improve their skills, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and prepare for their future tech updates.


Order Booking Application

  • Search / Browse tests and view details
  • Manage family members profiles
  • Create new bookings
  • Digital reports
  • Prescription upload
  • Online payments
  • Track order status

Phlebotomist Application

  • View assigned visits and perform more efficiently
  • Barcode scanning to reduce any error
  • Digital payment / Cash collection
  • GPS tracking
  • Call Masking
  • Upselling
  • LIMS Integration

Rider Application

  • View assigned visits
  • GPS tracking
  • Collection and Drop with barcode scan
  • Digital / Cash payment collection
  • Create on demand visit

Booking and Logistics Management

  • View all bookings and phlebotomist assignment
  • Track visit status in real time
  • Route planner to pick and drop samples
  • Manage Phlebotomist and Riders
  • Create new booking
  • LIMS integration
  • Dashboard and Analytics