One Stop solutions (MarketPlace)  for Media & Production Houses Services

One Stop solutions (MarketPlace) for Media & Production Houses Services

Our Booking engine is a Peer-to-peer marketplace that is a one stop source for all items required to media and production houses like locations, crew, equipment .


One of the major challenges faced by media production houses from the entertainment industry is to find all kinds of services under one umbrella and booking those services seamlessly on hourly, daily basis and same goes with providers who can list their services and products on a single dedicated platform .


Developed a web based application i.e Peer-to-peer marketplace. We have developed a multi sided platform with a robust algorithm to find the availability of listings for booking on specific date and time. By using this application users can post their listing as well as find any listing and complete the ordering. We have implemented an automated payout process for hosts with a platform compliant payment process.
Few striking features of the platform are
  • Facility to Book/List Locations , Cars/Van
  • Facility to Rent/List CAST/CREW POSITIONS (DAY or HOURLY Basis)
  • Facility for JOB POSTINGS
  • Facility to Rent/List EQUIPMENT + LIGHTING


  • Reduction in overall operation cost
  • Increase of Productivity
  • Increase of field staff satisfaction index
  • Increase in on time delivery
  • Ability to manage things more efficiently