Solving challenges of on demand services with our mobility solutions

Solving challenges of on demand services with our mobility solutions

We develop top class user experience for customer facing mobile apps


Scalability is one of the most concerning parts for businesses in on demand services. Post covid, there has been a big leap in all kinds of on demand services and online food ordering is amongst the top one.
Many businesses fail to scale and cater to the increasing demand for the delivery services due to poor tech architecture design when they receive a huge number of concurrent requests. Some of the issues like page response time, orders getting failed etc are obvious outcomes of scalability issues of the platform.


Our focus was on two major area

  • Developed a intuitive user experience where user can complete the order with very less number of clicks
  • Develop an scalable architecture design for the platform

In our platform we kept menu selection and overall ordering journey very simple and with less number of clicks. Idea was that customers from any age can easily use our mobile app and they can quickly complete their order process.

We used AWS cloud based service for the infrastructure setup. We used RDS service for database deployment. We developed microservice based architecture design and deployment over AWS lambda service.



Our solution had visible advantages against some of the competitors. We were able to capture orders with 0% failure rate due to technology.
Received positive feedback from clients on their overall ordering and checkout experience.